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ENTRY B9 - _Between Umbrellas


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As if looking up at the surface of a pond filled with lilies, round openings perforate a still plane suspended in mid-air. _Between Umbrellas is an incomplete canopy. It waits for passers-by to patch its openings with their umbrellas, and in return, fills the void between them. 

Each canopy is a module that can be connected and expanded to any scale. A single unit holds four umbrellas, a dual unit is the size of a parklet, and an entire plaza can be covered by multiple interconnected units. 

The canopy is free standing and has a simple assembly for easy setup and transportation. Each unit consists of four components: PVDF coated sheet metal canopy, metal umbrella holder, HSS structural pole, concrete base with metal stand. 

With its flexibility, simplicity, and inviting design, _Between Umbrellas comes alive in the rain. The personal space of an umbrella becomes the building block of a communal canopy.