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ENTRY B8–Urban Umbrella


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We all know what it feels like to be speed-walking under the rain, our heads tucked low and our eyes on the ground in an attempt to avoid getting rain into our eyes. During our route, we reach a pedestrian crossing that forces us to stop in our tracks and remain idle for 15 seconds for the green man to light up. “Why do I ever go out in Vancouver without an umbrella?!”, we think to ourselves as we further tuck our head down, cringing at the thought of getting our outfit all soaked up. 

Urban Umbrellas are a modular, convenient solution meant to save us from our usual spontaneous spouts of Vancouver rain! Located around pedestrian crossings and shelter-less bus stops, Urban Umbrellas are a rain & pedestrian-friendly addition to the streets of Vancouver offering temporary shelter points with an artistic twist. 

No more stress when the rain starts to pour! 

Urban Umbrellas encourage walkers to use public infrastructure especially around nodes that have longer wait times without any shelter. Not limited to streets, Urban Umbrellas are also dispersed along popular walks and mural-friendly routes that offer view points and resting stops for users during the day. 

They are designed as modular elements that wrap around any vertical post, including trees. Furthermore, they are made from silicon palettes that are nature-friendly, long-lasting, vandalism-safe, and recyclable! 

Expressing the talent of our local artists, each Urban Umbrella is sponsored to a professional artist who will paint a unique design on the silicon umbrella pallets. The artists will be invited to use Thermochromic Paint to create an evolving, dynamic umbrella that changes colors between colder and warmer seasons.