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ENTRY B11 – Raincouver


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As Vancouver rapidly grows, media will blossom in this concrete jungle. Places such as the Alley-Oop Laneway, have become a trendy place for Instagrammers.

Inspired by the 3D Toronto Sign, my concept of a rain-friendly public space that welcomes social media. This 3D sign is a play on Vancouver's name, well-known nickname “Raincouver”. Not only does the title poke at the recurring rainy days, the “I” is replaced by an umbrella. It’s functional and flexible, not only is it a shelter, but perfect for a fun photo with the hashtag Raincouver. The is perfect for removal and placable anywhere that’s open. By implementing a photo worthy object, it’ll most definitely promote rain-friendly mindset on the streets and social media.

It also has a versatile design, you could make the “I” a sitting area (Pic A) or keep it a standing zone (Pic B). Multiple different coloured Umbrellas scatter alongside the structure would be a fun idea too. The “COUE” are sitting places.