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For many Metro Vancouverites, the advent of the rain triggers the annual winter hibernation season. Seemingly overnight, time spent enjoying the beautiful outdoors transforms to speeding—head underhood or umbrella—between building interiors. This is particularly challenging for parents of young children,who—in the absence of useable playgrounds—often struggle to find ways of letting their Little Ones spend their pent up energy.

Why not make playground useable all year round!?!

In a place that constantly touts its mild winters while other parts of the country are buried in snow and incredibly cold temperatures, it’s mind-boggling how little we do to take advantage of our situation.With a little bit of thought and careful consideration, our playground can be well-used year-round.

POWERplay explores this opportunity. The concept is simple: the City provides the modular structural framework that holds a temporary ‘skin’ over the playgrounds during the rainy season. Structure itself multi-tasks as a year-round play-element within the playground.

The temporary ‘skin’ is more just a rain shelter. It is made of a light-emitting fabric that counters the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, while simply brightening gloomy days. In the evenings, the skin is a light sculptures that beautifully punctuates and gives a unique identity to each neighbourhood. Heating would be provided by good ol’ fashioned winter clothing—dress appropriately and anybody can enjoy the bounty!