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STREAM 2: THE Intervention
ENTRY B2–Cascade Canopies


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It’s another classic rainy day in Vancouver, and of course, there’s no umbrella or canopy to be found. This unique-looking structure with shiny rings catches attention for passersby to seek shelter under it. The rings contain a “krishna siphon”-as rain water fills to a certain level, it suddenly releases as a thin wall of water,falling towards the ground. This playful feature contains no moving parts and also enhances existing public space.

The structures are comprised of materials that are robust and easy to maintain,such as glass, bronze rings and stainless steel support poles. The glass give the illusion of the rings to “float” in the air. The simple construction allows these structures to be installed anywhere in the city with ease. With varying height and diameter, they can comfortably and safely accommodate flexible activities, rain or shine.