ENTRY B16 – Burrard Bridge Lookout Lounge


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Top 10 reasons why the Burrard Bridge Lookout Lounge is an amazing rain-friendly public space:   

  1. It provides seawall visitors and locals access to protection from the elements.  

  2. It is accessible by an existing ramp with no steps.  

  3. Casual seating and standing areas would create opportunities for exercise and social interaction for Seawall visitors and locals.  

  4. The busy Seawall location is accessible and engaging for people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, abilities and life circumstances. Upgraded lighting would increase visibility and enhance safety and accessibility for people of all ages and abilities.  

  5. Reflective white or yellow road paint, or other simple surface treatments, would brighten and animate the ceiling and floor of the space to provide a multisensory response to grey, overcast and wet weather.  

  6. The covered area with seating and tables could support a range of weather-appropriate activities and programming for residents and visitors.  

  7. The raised stage-like area could be the inspiration for art, story-telling, cultural production and performances to audiences on either the Seawall or False Creek.  

  8. The upgraded slab area could support the local economy by hosting licensed local craft and refreshment vendors serving Seawall visitors.  

  9. This unique vantage point over False Creek towards Granville Island and English Bay should be a place to inspire learning, innovation, and adaptation by sharing information and stories about the local history and geography.  

  10. Energizing and enhancing this existing public space is a sustainable act. Using resilient materials in creative ways would activate this stunning residual location sheltered under the iconic architecture of Burrard Bridge.