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ENTRY B18 - Live between “dispersed rain”


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This is a modular structure which consist of 4 columns which are 5.3 meters apart, that are easily repeatable in a grid and help covering a plaza as well as a path.

These columns connect and hold a network of steel cables that acts as railing for the foldable tensile-or rain dispersing devices. Once it starts to rain, people can collaboratively turn the wheels around the columns and unfold the tensile. In each module, one set of two columns have wheels for unfolding and the other two have other types of wheels to run an optional drip irrigation system that can be used in hot summer days (like a water fountain).  

The tensile material is semi-transparent so it allows the city to pass through it and reflect on the reflective floor of the path and also for not to block the city skyline while the canopy is open.

A proposed site for this project is the sea wall around the false creek. This module’s dimensions are relative to this specific sea wall but it can be adaptable to other paths and plazas, by either increasing scale of the module’s itself or by simply adding more of them together.