Entry A16 – Lost Creeks of Vancouver


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Before umbrellas, the rain flowed through many creeks to the river and ocean.

Creeks, carelessly covered by a grid of asphalt. Drains and underground pipes channelling but not cleaning polluted runoff, offensively mixed with sewage during storms.

What we sometimes refer to as "eco-density" with multi-level underground parkades now covers whole sites and enables more auto use contrary to stated policies to discourage that transportation mode.

Let us develop simple, robust and dense buildings that are more affordable because they are not providing infrastructure for more cars. Let us choose parking alternatives that are more sociable and responsive to coming disruptions in motordom.

Let us choose a development pattern that allows for the possibility of neighbourhoods with beautiful and sociable open spaces including creeks. Places where we are drawn outside with our umbrellas to watch the rain flow to the river and ocean.