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Stream 1: The Place

Entry A10 – Drizzle Grid


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Rainy Vancouver. Many tolerate it; few embrace it. This intervention aims to capture the whimsical feeling of playing freely in the rain the way a child does, acting as both a destination for play and a moment of refuge. This functional sculpture encourages engagement and active participation through the celebration of rain; letting go under the leaky canopy.

Consisting of three modular components (block, post & panel), the installation is a freestanding kit-of-parts that can be dismantled and re-assembled virtually anywhere. The self-stabilizing space frame pins together large translucent panels that collect and direct water down to trickle through rain features.

PUDDLE POD - The puddle pod is a shallow pool that collects water and encourages splash play.

WATER GARDEN - The water garden stores and filters rainwater, acting as a bioswale.

RAIN CHAINS - The rain chains carry the water from the top of the canopy to the ground plane with playful elements.