Life Between umbrellas - Launch event - February 27, 2019

Join us tonight for the launch of Life Between Umbrellas – a design ideas competition that is looking for new and creative ways to improve public space and public life during Vancouver’s wet weather months. If you have an idea for how our public spaces can be made more rain-friendly, then this is the event for you!

The launch event will provide an overview of the competition, featuring speakers and activities that will help to showcase some of the design challenges and opportunities that come with life in a rainy city. For added warmth and coziness there will also be a hot chocolate bar and fresh-baked cookies!

Joining us for the event will be:

  • Joe Fry, HAPA Collaborative

  • Andrew Nakazawa, DVBIA

  • Ann Livingston, VANDU

  • Melina Scholefield, City of Vancouver, Office of Sustainability

  • Nick Collinet, Public Disco

Details of the Competition – A Quick Overview

The Life Between Umbrellas design ideas competition will be open to a broad audience, including designers, students, and the general public. The competition will have three streams, allowing entrants to submit ideas on (1) rain-friendly spaces, (2) design features, and (3) events or activations. A number of prizes will be awarded in each stream, and winners will be chosen by both a jury selection process and a people’s choice voting process.

A separate competition website will be live on Friday March 1. In the meantime, for more information on the competition, check out


Tickets for the launch event are free and available via Eventbrite, but seating is limited. If you book a ticket and are unable to attend, please cancel your ticket so that we can ensure a space for someone else!

Photo by Adriana Calvo, Pixels