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ENTRY A24 – Falling for Vancouver


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Rain or shine, it’s hard not to fall in love with Vancouver.

The concept for the “Falling for Vancouver” covered plaza brings together local, sustainable design and creative placemaking that celebrates both the diversity of our city and our collective national pride.

The maple lead, icon of Canadian unity and inclusiveness, is taken to new heights through this design. The canopy design is generated from the maple leaf’s 5-point geometry and autumnal colour variations. Under a symbolic cover of blowing leaves, users of all ages and abilities can play, socialize and stroll farmers’ markets as they enjoy their “life between umbrellas”. Canopies can be combined in a variety of ways to suit different locals.

The canopy is comprised of interlocking fibreglass modules which are backlit with LED lights providing safety and security to the plaza below while maintaining a night sky within the neighbourhood. Flexible solar panel arrays are laid atop each surface to power the lighting.

Each canopy centres around a diamond-shared scupper that channels rainwater down its column to meandering rivulets in the plaza floor. These lead to a landscaped bio-swale and detention pond where native planting is utilized to filter and treat stormwater run-off.

The technology behind the design is BC-based and fabricated – regionally engineered wood columns using 3D CNC wood cutting machines and translucent fibreglass canopy components.

The plaza will encourage residents and visitors to gather in a safe, inclusive and environmentally friendly space in all four seasons.