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ENTRY A 34 – Ed Olson Park


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I envision Ed Olson Park to be a public space of dynamism, wonder, and encounter. The change of the water level in the drainage ditch and the movement of the canvas strips both depend on the weather (i.e. rain and wind) giving the space a dynamic feel. The steps/ ghats feature allow for easy leisure and organic gatherings or just easy lunch and picnic spots. Native marsh vegetation could line the ditch or connect one side of it to a grassy knoll or larger park features like a field or garden. People can interact with many features (the pump – for water or washing down; the boulder, the steps) and find wonder and beauty in the unique aesthetic features, such as the strips of canvas floating in the breeze or randomly connecting and dropping rain water. The canvas covers won’t keep you completely dry, but the offer adequate shelter in light rain and drizzles. My favourite thing to do as a child was to go under larger conifers to hide from the rain, knowing some drops would still percolate down and get to me, but I could still stay semi-dry.